Church Online Platform updates
Church Online Platform updates

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Your church. Inside YouVersion.

Hear Bobby Gruenewald, CEO and Terry Storch, COO share about new features in YouVersion that give your church even more opportunity to build community and connect outside of your weekend services.

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Added Support for 15 More Languages





Church Online Platform’s interface now supports churches who speak the languages listed below. All that administrators need to do is adjust your settings to the language you prefer. Bottom Left: Tap your profile icon, then select from the available list of languages. (More languages will be added in the future.)

  1. Afrikaans
  2. Welsh
  3. Dutch
  4. Spanish (Latin America)
  5. Hindi
  6. Indonesian
  7. Italian
  8. Filipino
  9. French
  10. Malay
  11. Polish
  12. Russian
  13. Vietnamese
  14. Simplified Chinese
  15. Traditional Chinese


Audience List Now Shows Prayer Sessions





When a Host or attender is in a prayer session, a speech bubble displays next to their name on the Audience List, with a number indicating how many sessions they currently have active (updated every ten seconds).


Preview a Service





Preview lets you test a Service before you run it live. When you add a new Service at the bottom of the new Service screen, select Save and Preview. Your Preview launches in a new tab, with a link you can copy and share with other team members so they can test it too.

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Like Comments in Public Chat





Likes are a simple way to get attenders more engaged in your Service. Hosts can reinforce positive Chat behavior by liking Comments that contribute meaningfully to the discussion. To like a comment, simply tap “Like” underneath it.


Sermon Notes Engage Attenders in Your Service





Attenders can now create their own notes or edit existing sermon notes during a Service. If you don’t provide notes for a Service, attenders will still be able to use the space to create their own. They will also be able to download notes.


Delete a Moment from Chat Feed





Hosts can remove a Moment from the chat feed. On the top right of the Moment you want to remove, tap , Delete Moment.

Audience List Increases Visibility and Control





Between the existing Host Chat and Host Info tabs, the Audience List allows Hosts to:

  • See a searchable list of all attenders present at the service who have provided a chat name
  • See a searchable list of all Hosts present at the service
  • Start a separate chat with anyone at the service
  • Mute attenders
  • See which attenders are currently muted
  • See which attenders have left the service

Emoji Options Allow Multicultural Responses






Attenders can now select from the color palette of emojis for hand claps, and hand raises. Choosing a different skin tone works the same way your attenders are used to accessing it on other platforms—just long-press on the emoji, then pick the one you want.


Improved Accessibility





Hosts and attenders who use screen readers can now tab through the following elements and hear them read aloud:

  • Navigation Menu
  • FocusNav Item Focus
  • Prayer Button Focus
  • Navigation Bar / Tab Focus
  • Chat Input Focus
  • Host Navigation Focus
  • Tab Order
  • Quickly Navigate to Video
  • Navigate to and Read Notes
  • Navigate to Bible Tab
  • Sign Up
  • Log In
  • Log Out
  • Change Text Size